Beginning Aerial Silks

Beginning Aerial Silks


Aerial silks as a practice is composed of poses and transitions sequenced together to form an aerial dance. Inversions and flips bring in an acrobatic element. The fabrics are a strong, 2-way stretch polyester and nylon blend that come in different lengths, widths and stretch type. In a beginner’s silks class we introduce proper form while supporting your own body weight, ground level inversions, simple climbs and footlock poses that allow you to be supported in the air without having to hold your body weight. We start with the basics, on the ground, and work our way to more challenging poses and executions in the air. A strong aerial practice is about 80% conditioning the body and muscles for strength and flexibility, and about 20% learning new “tricks” and poses. We’ll focus on tricks and poses in this beginner’s workshop. We consider our beginner’s workshop to be a ‘crash course’ in aerial silks, allowing you to execute some acrobatics and challenge your physical strength while trying something new. This is a great introductory option to the aerial silks practice.

Workshop takes place at ICT Flow Foundry Sunday, April 7th from 2-2:50p. Please complete an online waiver before attending class.

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