schedule of events


April 4th meet and greet at Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge

Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge, formally the old Marple Theatre, was constructed in 1908. The Marple Theatre (eventually becoming the Victory House Theatre) was where burlesque legend Gypsy Rose Lee first performed.


April 5th Opening Showcase at the Historic Cowtown Museum, Empire House Theatre

Old Cowtown Museum is a working museum which attributes and reflects life in the frontier from the late 1860’s-1870’s in the form of a village, including the theatre located in Empire Hall, built in 1908 and can seat up to 110.


April 6th Deluxe Showcase at the Wichita Scottish Rite

The classic stage at The Wichita Scottish Rite, built in 1908, has hosted other burlesque legends, including Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand. The beautiful theatre seats approximately 1,200, including a 700-seat balcony, and comprises of 102 elaborate hand-painted scene backdrops from the early 1900’s. Along with the Tiffany stained glass work and domed skylight, the theatre is stunning and gratifying to perform on.

April 6th Deluxe Showcase Gala

At the end of the show, we will bring in the DJ and turn the stage into a dancefloor as we celebrate and finish dancing the night away with performers and our patrons. The Midwest Burlesque Festival title holders will be announced during the gala.

April 7th Workshops

A variety of workshops will be held throughout the day at Sway Ballroom and Flow Foundry. Workshops will include Connecting to Your Inner Burlesque, Bumps and Grinds, Tassel Twirling, Clowning Around in Burlesque, Aerial, Belly Dancing and more.